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About June

A woman with a vision

No one dreams about living in a mortuary! June Fellhauer didn’t dream of it either, but at the age of 19, she found herself married with a baby and living in a mortuary! Scary, she knows, but the truth of the matter is she was living her life according to the ways of the world and not the ways of God.

June was born in a small town on the eastern plains of Colorado. The sixth of seven children born to the local creamery owner and a homemaker, June was raised in the Lutheran Church. It was in that church that June learned to love the Word of God through flannel board stories.

Her life was changed when her Sunday school teacher illustrated on the flannel board a man with an empty chair in his heart. Then the teacher took out a little flannel Jesus and placed it on the chair in the man’s heart. June remembers vividly asking Jesus to sit and live on the chair in her heart.

June’s teen years were filled with fond memories. She was the All-American Christian girl, good athlete, above average student and funny. At the age of 16 June began to date Jay, the lead singer and guitar player of a country western band called The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. According to June, Jay was definitely not The Ugly! June thought she was strong enough in her faith to fend off the sexual temptations that often come with dating, but somehow they penetrated her armor and she became a pregnant teen.

It was out of her brokenness that June vowed to God that somehow, someway, she would always help teenage girls. She promised her life to the Lord.

Over the past twenty-six years this vow found roots as she counseled women seeking abortions; started a mentoring program for teenage mothers, called Young Lives, and served on a national committee for Young Life. But mostly this vow found root in raising her four daughters.

June founded Wake Up, Ministries in 2004 in the basement of her home because of a request her daughter, Jerrilyn, had. “Mom, will you please teach my friends? They are in unhealthy relationships and are losing their self-esteem, confidence, and sexual purity.” June jumped at the chance to teach young women about the love of God. Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty “Finding True Love’s Kiss” a seven-session, interactive DVD series, that awakens and empowers girls to make healthy choices when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships, was birthed from those teachings.

June’s voice rises above the sea of public voices that suggest promiscuity is both acceptable and without consequence. Her courses have empowered hundreds of women to gain and maintain their dignity and personal strength.

Delivering “True Love’s Kiss” to the next generation and teaching them to live their lives with blessings and not curses is her hearts desire.

June is a dynamic presenter and author. She actively engages youth groups and motivates young women to gain the confidence they need to establish loving, long-term relationships. She is presently writing a new sequel, Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty “You’re in the Persian Pageant”, leading a young married study, and co teaching at her church.

June and Jay are grateful for 36 years of marriage. They love to laugh, travel, play golf, snowmobile, hang out with family at their cabin, and enjoy their grandchildren. They are especially grateful that they no longer live in the mortuary but in their “little castle” nestled underneath the beautiful Colorado Monument.

June’s life is a testimony to the forgiveness, power and greatness of God. It’s a testimony to the fact that when you stand on His Word and receive His blessing, you will see His glory!

Jay and June Fellhauer

Jay and June, with their daughters and family.