Wake Up Ministries | Wake Up Sleeping Beauty
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Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty is a seven-session series that empowers women to make a healthy decision about dating, sex, and relationships.  Based on the Song of Solomon this curriculum will open your eyes to a healthy physical relationship with the one whom your soul loves and a supernatural relationship with Jesus.

Session One – Kiss Me

Did you know there are four different Hebrew kisses? Three are intended for love… but one kiss you will want to avoid like the plaque.

Session Two – What’s In A Name?

Name in Hebrew means character.  A true prince will have three character traits.  Going undercover and investigating the guy you are dating is a must for future happiness.

Session Three – A Ridiculous Request

You don’t have, because you don’t ask.  Most people are afraid to ask God for their deepest desire.  Faith will take you places, fear will disable you.

Session Four – She’s In Love With The Boy

There are reasons to run a boy off and there are reasons to bring a boy home to your mama.  Find out if the one you are dating is bringing out the best in you.

Session Five – The Proposal

If there was such a thing as the perfect engagement proposal, what would yours look like?  Understanding what a covenant really looks like through the Jewish culture will impact the way you look at marriage and a relationship with Christ.

Session Six – Sex In The Promised Land

Never before has sex been explained like this. Let’s just say after this session, your body parts will never look the same to you!

Session Seven – Happily Ever After

It’s one thing to get married but another to live, “Happily Ever After.”  If you want the latter there are a few things you must do.  It’s your choice!